Monday, January 26, 2009

45 Seconds

There they were. She had just poured out her heart and soul, and now she was defenseless. She had never done that before, and in the back of her mind, she was wondering why on God’s green Earth she had suddenly stooped so low. She wondered why he was different, why she fell for him when she fell for no one else. She repetitively told herself she wasn’t in love with him, but the pain told her otherwise.

There they were. He had just listened to her say what he knew he could never say to her. No one had ever told him that before, and in the back of his mind, he was wondering why the Hell he had led this poor girl on so long. He wondered what made him so special, why she wanted him more than anyone else. He repetitively told her that it was complicated, that it wouldn’t work, but she just wouldn’t comply.

Neither of them spoke. All she wanted was him to say, “Yes.” To make everything all better. She was waiting for him to smile – a sign that (to her) meant that everything was going to be alright.

Neither of them spoke. He didn’t quite know what to say. He didn’t want to hurt her. He could see that she was tearing up – a sign that (to him) meant that this would hurt her more than him.

He nodded. She was overflowing with delight. She couldn’t stop the tears from coming. Once more, she felt hope.

He nodded. He was overwhelmed with remorse. He saw her cry. He felt her false relief. Once more, he felt regret.

She held him tightly. She knew that things would be okay. She felt a strong passion for him surge through her body. She had never cared so much about anyone before. She felt his arms embracing her. She was happy.

She held him tightly. He knew that things would never be the same. He felt terrible for once again giving her false hope. He had no clue how much she cared about him. He didn’t know what to do but hug her. He was sorry.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ed Gein

the neighborhood children
think i'm scary.
i look through the newspaper
for women's obituaries.
i dig them up
and harvest their skin.
you wonder what kind
of psychosis i'm in?
i make clothing of them
and lampshades and such.
you think this is bad?
theres more. much.
i've murdered two women -
decapitated one.
did i do it all for mother,
or did i just do it for fun?
the woman i decapitated -
well, i also removed her heart.
then i ate some of her,
but only a small part.
mother died of cancer,
but she still talks to me.
they say i just hear voices.
they say that i'm crazy.
in every room of my house
you'll find death shrines.
except for mothers,
her room is perfectly fine.
my shrines to death are
ten skulls wrapped in mesh,
and nine faces on the wall,
made of human flesh.
they've made movies about me, like
Scilence of the Lambs and Psyco.
can you guess who i am?
i'm sure you know.
some call me evil.
some call me mean.
you may call me:
Edward Gein.