Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ed Gein

the neighborhood children
think i'm scary.
i look through the newspaper
for women's obituaries.
i dig them up
and harvest their skin.
you wonder what kind
of psychosis i'm in?
i make clothing of them
and lampshades and such.
you think this is bad?
theres more. much.
i've murdered two women -
decapitated one.
did i do it all for mother,
or did i just do it for fun?
the woman i decapitated -
well, i also removed her heart.
then i ate some of her,
but only a small part.
mother died of cancer,
but she still talks to me.
they say i just hear voices.
they say that i'm crazy.
in every room of my house
you'll find death shrines.
except for mothers,
her room is perfectly fine.
my shrines to death are
ten skulls wrapped in mesh,
and nine faces on the wall,
made of human flesh.
they've made movies about me, like
Scilence of the Lambs and Psyco.
can you guess who i am?
i'm sure you know.
some call me evil.
some call me mean.
you may call me:
Edward Gein.


  1. I don't know who Edward Gein is, but assomeone who cannot write poetry in the least, I will look forward to any of your poetry you wish you include in your blogs.

  2. I would love to agree with Jenny on this one!!! I hate the poem- its way too creepy. I would like to know more about you or something that I could comment on that's worth my comment. I think its important to consider what your viewers are going to read-I was really turned off by this.

  3. i really really enjoyed this. i love the fact that you can take a real person and write a poem about their psycopathic ways :) i really love poetry myself. no matter how creepy and demented, it's still poetry.

  4. Why am I finding the poem only pathetic instead of creepy? Is it because I watch Criminal Minds too much where they showed lots of fictional serial killers?
    ......Don't feel good about that