Monday, February 2, 2009

(quote)MY WEEKEND(unquote)

NOTE: Before you read this, keep in mind that I have a huge migraine and am feeling rather groggy, therefore what you are about to read will most likely have no relevance to anything worth your time. Thanks for reading anyways (we sure do love those extra credit points, don't we?).

Peeps have been sending me notes saying that I should write about myself, not irrelevant topics. So to appease your mighty will to learn the ways of the Amber, I give you: "MY WEEKEND."

Yeah, last weekend was pretty bomb. Friday (1/30) I went to "Art Night" at the Ridgeview Manor. Art Night is basically a gathering of overly creative people, ranging from 17 years of age to mid 60's who drink wine, smoke the finer things, and have nothing better to do than socialize, and paint random disregarded objects found around the 'ville. (No, we don't go around doing graffiti.)

Saturday night (1/31) I was lucky enough to catch my favorite band, Chasing Truth, for one last show before they flew out to tour in England for 8 months. The concert was amazing and the drummer even walked straight up to me afterwards and asked to shake my hand because he had recognized me from many of their previous shows and because I knew all of the lyrics. What can I say? I'm a loyal fan, and going to a metal core concert is just such a good way to alleviate stress.

Sunday (2/1), I went to a Super Bowl kick-back. The game was riveting! I don't really follow football other than what I catch of what my friends or uncles say regarding the subject, but when it comes to the big day, it's only American to take part in it somehow.

Well, there ya go. Agree or disagree? Thoughts? Questions?


  1. isn't chasing truth a christan band? and weren't they playing in cameron park at a church? :)

  2. Chasing Truth! Ah. I love them. =]

    I like your way of writing. Its creative. I like the idea of just reading about your weekend, what you've done, etc. Its exciting.